Monday, 9 May 2011

Harsh Noise Split EP - Now Available at Eyeless Records

This new album is a 3 way harsh noise split by Pigggasm/ Partikle Accelerator/ Deaf Realist that is in order: Robert Ridley-Shackleton/ David K Frampton and Lee Riley. Each artist uses a unique approach to harsh noise from Pigggasm's square wave destructions to Partikle Accelerator's software obliteration through to Lee Riley's 'no input' corrosions. This album is going to be the beginning of a series of 3 way harsh noise albums on Eyeless.

'By the end, darkness wins out, and an ominous near-silence pads out the final minute or so. Turn the volume right up, though, and you’ll realise you’re still engulfed in the sound.'

Simon Minter
Music In Oxford

The link below is my track 'Deaf Realist'
- Should Have Known Not To Play With Fire (But I Did)