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I have been making and performing experimental music since 2007 - under various names and projects. See below and throughout the blog for examples.

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Also my visit bandcamp for old and recent releases

Selected quotes from Reviews

"His sound veers from the almost imperceptible to terrifying. Be warned"
Nightshift (May 2014)

"Lee's practise is a pure art approach to soundscape and noise. He uses traditional instruments and equipment (guitars, pedals) with some modifications to produces glacial walls of texture and density"
Tertium Quid

"Riley’s electronic music manipulates and distorts sound to create an aural realm that is stark, metallic and at times claustrophobic"
Black White Score

"A post-apocalyptic doom landscape. Layered textures and beautiful noise structures, barely heard human wails floating on a nuclear wind"

"An impressionistic vision of a massive mechanised ocean"

"The result is cyclic creations of brittle blares"
Drowned in Sound

"One man drone machine piles on the presence and rips through the ether"
Permanent Vacation Present...

Current music projects -

Lee Riley (solo) - LR/GW (Lee Riley Guitar Works) - Prepared Guitar and Electronics
Downloads available via 'bandcamp'

Live 'Deeper Steps Into The New Path' - VIDEO


Archived review of the first LR/GW release on Eyeless Records - HERE
Words by Scott McKeating (Foxy Digitalis)

Slow Matter Duo - Duo with Samuel C. Roberts - DOWNLOAD

Other Projects

Euhedral (solo) - Tombstone Drone
The Egyptian Death Orchestra (various players and guests)

Past music projects & collaborations -

iller eye (solo) - Acoustic Recordings
This Is My Anarchy (solo) - Pure Noise (Punk Is Dead)
Deaf Realist (solo) - Harsh Noise
Vileswarm - Doom Duo (Lee Riley & David K Frampton)
Broken No Fix (solo) - Remix Project

Various collaborations with Wolfseule, Monolyth Cobalt, Richard Wilmer & Ornitology