Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Hamburg Sounds - Cities and Memory

I have been contributing to 'Cities and Memory' for a while now and last month they had a project called 'Hamburg sounds: a summary' being one of 32 artists involved the project was an exploration of Hamburg using field recordings and over 24 hours on the 3rd November you could hear the original sounds also remixed or re-interpreted by the 32 artists, re-telling the story of the City. Below is a screen shot of the map of City and its sounds.

Visit HERE For more info about 'Hamburg sounds: a summary' and 'Cities and Memory' - How to get involved too!

You can hear my remix of 'Miniatur Wunderland - police chase and classical music performance' Also a couple of previous remixs of St Giles Fair here in Oxford and the Giotto’s Campanile in Florence.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

A Metal + Rubber Band

A Metal + Rubber Band - Was an evening curated by John Grieve at the Old Fire Station Oxford, October 7th. One of the monthly nights hosted by The Oxford Improvisers. Improvised music for cello and metal sheets and music for balloons featuring - John Grieve, Myself, Aya Kasai, Veronica Cordova, Robert Ridley-Shackleton, and Bruno Guastalla. Also featured members of the Oxford Improvisers. Videos and photo by Pier Corona - A good fun night

Where's the Art? CARU Anniversary Party & Show

On 28th September we celebrated CARU's 1st Anniversary with a party and show at the Modern Art Oxford. Entitled 'Where's the Art" It featured a diverse mix of acts and groups. Myself and John Grieve played (pictured). The art (if we call it that nowadays was featured on postcards exhibited temporally in the space for one night only. Each card conceptually introduced art ideas, imagined works, etc.

A recent recording of Myself and John can be heard here

Sunday, 24 August 2014

First post for a couple of months...

A couple of recent collaborations I have worked on, firstly...

I have worked with Nimmi Naidoo on a film she created for her 'Hurst Castle' residency earlier in the year. I collaborated on the soundtrack for the film.

Hurst Castle from Nimmi Naidoo on Vimeo.

Secondly, I made a written response to Charlotte Heffernan's - 'Soundtracking: Oxford' A Sound Walk piece she devised for Audiograft 2014. Both mine and her written pieces are published in the second edition of Vibrations A Journal for creative writing, curative a produced by Veronica Cordova.

I have also been working on remix's for 'False Friends' and 'Flights of Helios' You can hear my 'Bluebird' remix below. I have also been recording sessions with Saxophonist John Grieve, news about this soon.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Friday 13th - Grief Fest

On Friday 13th June - Pin Drop presented 'Grief Fest' A night of horror and misfortune. Featuring myself and John Grieve (pictured) photos by Aya - Thank you as always. I was invited by our host band 'Flights of Helios' and wanted to do something different so I asked John Grieve to share the stage with me armed with his baritone sax.

We played first really enjoyed playing a debut duo with John and hope to record later in the year. The main support band 'Masiro' are fantastic - Big riffs that mold math metal, instrumental post-rock together in a complex good way, mixing some bands I really enjoy together: Pelican, Isis, The Melvins and Dillinger Escape plan. A big sound for a trio, well worth checking out.

'Flights of Helios' close the night, but something is brewing outside... there set was great, they class themselves as Grief Wave but I think there is more to that, drone looped vocals and samples over pretty good pop songs with a psychedelic twist, Lots of layers. I have actually done a 'Broken No Fix - Remix' for them, that should be out soon. When they have got back from playing Glastonbury this year.

It wouldn't be Friday 13th without horror based visuals that added to the night, some pretty messed up ones too. Meanwhile outside was the biggest storm brewing I have experienced in a long time. It ended an epic memorable evening.

Monday, 16 June 2014

guitar (drag) - Bath (FaB14)

On Saturday 31st May I did a performance of 'guitar (drag)' through the streets of Bath for 'Fringe Arts Bath' (FaB14) part of 'A Dialogue on Nothing in Art' (CARU) Contemporary Arts Research Unit - Photos taken on disposable cameras by Jo, Aya, Teeny and Peta

More photos HERE

Monday, 9 June 2014

Classwar Karaoke 026 & Music For A Good Home - Oxford Edition

I have 2 previously unreleased tracks on 2 very different compilations this month.

The first is on the new 'Classwar Karaoke' compilation - 026. Founded in 2008, Classwar Karaoke is a label dedicated to the release of experimental music and short-films as a quarterly survey. This compilation features some good friends, with a total of 94 tracks of music/sound art and 17 short films. The track 'Nothing Intended With This Experiment' is a noisy improvised number.

You can find out more about 'Classwar Karaoke' and get the compilation - HERE or HERE

Secondly, I have a LR/GW track 'Heaven's Silver Shadow' on the Audioscope 'Music For A Good Home, Oxford Edition' A compilation of 19 bands/acts from Oxford. This compilation is raising money for the homelessness charity Shelter. For £4 you get all 19 tracks with all proceeds going to the charity. I am proud to be part of such a fantastic lineup of great music.

Pre-order the compilation or purchase it on the 16th June - HERE also check out the other exciting compilations featuring some great bands/acts from all over the world

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Dialogue on Nothing in Art 'un' (FaB14)

un by Lee Riley

Part of the CARU (Contemporary Art Research Unit) 'A Dialogue on Nothing in Art' Exhibition at Fringe Arts Bath (FaB14) in FaB3 - Cheap Street, Bath 23rd May - 8th June. During the exhibition musicians and dancers are invited to interpret the photos as a graphic score.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Piece for bowed metal container and 16 pints of water (FaB14)

Photos of my 'Piece for bowed metal container and 16 pints of water' performance. Part of the 'Resonance' exhibition at the opening night of (FaB14) Fringe Arts Bath Festival - 23rd May. Photos by Shirley Pegna

Saturday, 17 May 2014

FaB 2014 - Resonance Install

A few photos of a new version of my 'untitled' installation. I have been getting ready to install at Fringe Arts Bath (FaB 2014) over the past few weeks and as part of the festival: Margaret Godel is curating 'Resonance' which 'untitled' is now in place, Margaret is also busy preparing the space for the other great artists work also involved. The festival runs from 23rd May - 8th June with it's opening evening of events on the 23rd in various venues in Bath.

'Resonance' is in the basement of Stall Street, dark and creepy in a good, exciting way. I will be posting more details soon about other works I am doing for the festival as mentioned in my previous post, I also hope to have some sounds and videos soon. Also, thanks Graham Riley for helping install.

More info about (FaB 2014) visit HERE