Friday, 28 March 2014

Category: Other - 26/03/14

It was our first 'Category: Other' night on Wednesday at the Port Mahon, Oxford. Our good friend Pier Corona documented the whole evening featuring solo sets from Myself, Mr Glick (Efthymios Chatzigiannis) and Samuel C. Roberts. We finished the evening as a trio - Photos below. Category: Other - is a night that brings together sound artists and musicians who are producing experimental music, organized by Efthymios and Myself.

Mr Glick

Samuel C. Roberts

The Trio

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Category: Other

Category: Other

Is a new night bringing together a mix of sound artists and musicians. This evening will feature 3 solo sets of prepared guitar drones, beautiful bass compositions and ambient laptop electronica with a special trio collaboration.
The Port Mahon, Oxford on Wednesday the 26th March. It will feature sets by myself and my good friends Samuel C. Roberts and Mr Glick

In preparation I have been recording some new sounds

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Gift Wrapped

'Gift Wrapped' by Lee Riley

A performance from the 'Nothing In Art' evening event at Oxford Brookes University Drama Studio. The event was organized by CARU (Contemporary Arts Research Unit) Saturday 1st February 2014

Filmed by Aya Kasai
Photos by Aya Kasai and Kengo Kasai

More photos HERE

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Deeper Steps Into The New Path - Reviews

Here are some quotes from reviews of LR/GW - Deeper Steps Into The New Path, see links for full reviews

"A running commentary for such an impressionistic piece of music would be fairly pointless; suffice it to say that Lee has managed to create a soundscape that is inviting, mysterious, and terrifying in equal measure, and one that makes for a completely immersive experience."
Tom McKibbin - Nightshift Jan'2014

"Riley controls and manipulates what is, in effect, endless waves of feedback. Skating around the relentlessly gloomy tone set by a lot of dark ambient music, the piece falls – either accidentally or by design – into a series of phases... an increasingly dark voyage, buffeted by an upper atmosphere of high pitched tones; glimpsing beyond the sky before crashing to the earth."
Simon Minter - Music in Oxford Jan'2014

"...full of sounds that envelop, develop, spiders your mind with an intense focus, like some saintly martyrdom roaring, revolving in shifts of heavy gravity. An extremely passionate vibe throwing out plenty of drama, booming noise furnaces one minute, strange UFO unease the next all wrapped up in toe curling drone"
rottenmeats - Jan'2014

Monday, 16 December 2013

Piece for bowed metal container and 16 pints of water

Newly recorded version of my 'Piece for bowed metal container and 16 pints of water' recorded at the Ovada Warehouse in Oxford. This was recorded with help and guidance of Bruno Guastalla 08/12/13

The piece was originally performed at 'Silencing the Silence' a CARU (Contemporary Art Research Unit) organized event that also took place at the Ovada Warehouse 27-28/09/13 - Photo taken by Pier Corona at the event

Ovada website - HERE

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