Exhibitions / Events

February 3rd 2018 - Structured Disasters at MK Gallery, Milton Keynes - Duo with Spinecakes

January 27th 2018 - Structured Disasters at Bucks County Museum, Alyesbury - Solo set

September 13th 2017 - Future Perfect at The Cellar, Oxford - UNMAN Duo with Mike Bannard

September 3rd 2017 - We Are Your Friends at The Bullingdon Arms - UNMAN Duo with Mike Bannard

May 20th 2017 - Gappy Tooth Industries 15th Birthday at The Wheatsheaf, Oxford - UNMAN

April 9th 2017 - Buffalo Club and Trial N' Error at The Star Inn, Guildford - UNMAN with Lost you to the Cities, Typical Hunks and Gift of Blindness

March 9th 2017 - Its all about the music at the Jericho Tavern, Oxford - Solo with Ghosts in the Photographs, The Hope Burden and Masiro

October 15th 2016 - Oxjam Oxford Takeover - UNMAN and more - East Oxford Community Centre

October 2nd 2016 - Get In The Box at the Wheatsheaf Oxford - UNMAN with Old Ernie and Anarchistwood

September 3rd 2016 - Its all about the music at the O2 Academy Oxford - Duo with Macarena Ortuzar

July 8th 2016 - Masiro Album Launch at the Wheatsheaf, Oxford - Solo set with Masiro, Kancho and Social Discharge - Its all about the music

February 17th 2016 - Burn the Jukebox at The Wheatsheaf, Oxford - UNMAN live debut supporting Drore and Silent Front

February 13th 2016 - Idiot King alldayer at Modern Art Oxford - Set with Macarena Ortuzar (Dance)

January 30/31 2016 - Welcome to the Internet Festival online - Solo set (live broadcast)

December 6th 2015 - Tigmus at The Library Oxford - Solo set supporting After The Thought and Kid Kin

November 13th 2015 - Burn The Jukebox presents at the Modern Art Oxford - Solo set supporting Teeth of the Sea with Young Conservative

September 12th 2015 - Structured Disasters at Bucks County Museum - Solo set with Crush!!! and Duncan Harrison

July 10th 2015 - CARU 'Nothing Matters' One night installations and performances, Helena Kennedy Building Oxford Brookes University 'The Shadow is What You Hear' Projected installation

July 3rd 2015 - PinDrop presents 'Tyburnia' with Dead Rat Orchestra at Modern Art Oxford. Guitar drones with James Maund

May 22nd - June 7th 2015 - FaB 2015 'Fringe Arts Bath' festival - Curating the 'Seeing Sound from Inside-Out' exhibition basement of FaB2 - including 'The Shadow is What You Hear' collaboration with Colin Lawson & Chante Inglis with performances for 'Love & Death at Walcot Chapel' - 'guitar (drag) acoustic version 2' & 'This Guitar Has Minutes to Live - Take 2'

June 5th - FaB 2015 Pop-up screening of 'The Shadow Is What Hear' in the basement of 44ad Gallery in Bath

May 23rd 2015 - One Note Forever at The Cellar Oxford - Solo set supporting Ex-Easter Island Head

February 24th 2015 - Buried In Smoke at the Wheatsheaf, Oxford - Solo set opening for Monomyth

February 13th 2015 - Pindrop 'Grief Fest' at The Bullingdon Arms, Oxford - Drone intervals in-between bands

January 15th 2015 - February 22nd 2015 - 'The Space Between' Salisbury Art Centre - Audio installation and performance February 22nd 'Piece for bowed metal container and 16 pints of water'

January 30th - February 1st 2015 - Kymmata 'The Gods for Playmates' at the o3 Gallery, Oxford - Performance with Macarena Ortuzar and installation of 'un' photographic score

December 11th 2014 - Pin Drop 'Midwinter Drones Fest' at Modern Art Oxford - Improvised intervals with guests: an evening with Petrels, Paddox and After The Thought

December 7th 2014 - CARU 'Art/Music' Day East Oxford Community Centre, Cowley - Slow Matter Duo

December 6th 2014 - Buried In Smoke 'Long Xmas Weekender' The Wheatsheaf, Oxford - Solo

October 7th 2014 - A Metal + Rubber Band - Curated by John Grieve at The Oxford Improvisers Monthly night at The Old Fire Station, Oxford. Featuring John, Myself, Aya Kasai, Veronica Cordova, Robert Ridley-Shackleton, Bruno Guastalla and members of The Oxford Improvisers

September 28th 2014 - CARU presents 'Where’s the Art?' Anniversary Show & Party @ Modern Art Oxford - Duo with John Grieve

August 28th 2014 - Smash Disco at the Library, Oxford - Solo performance supporting Spinner Fall and Personnel

July 24th 2014 - The Colour of Water (work in progress) Oxford Brookes Drama Studio - Evening of poetry reading with live improvisation and butoh dance, based on works by Mohan Rana - solo acoustic and group improvisations

July 22nd 2014 - Playground July Session, The Old Fire Station, Oxford - 'Hurst Castle' film screening presentation in collaboration with Nimmi Naidoo

June 13th 2014 - Jericho Tavern, Oxford - Lee Riley and John Grieve duo set supporting Flights of Helios and Masiro - Pin Drop Presents - Grief Fest

May 23rd - June 8th 2014 FAB 'Fringe Arts Bath' festival - Installations and Performances for 'Resonance' - 'untitled' sound and light installation and Performances of 'Piece for bowed metal container and 16 pints of water' / CARU 'A Dialogue on Nothing in Art'-'un' installation, 'guitar (drag) and 'Gift Wrapped'

May 14th 2014 - The Oxford Punt - Solo performance at The White Rabbit - 20 bands/acts across 5 venues

March 26th 2014 - Category: Other - Solo performance and trio collaboration with Samuel C. Roberts and Mr Glick

February 1st 2014 - CARU presents 'Nothing In Art' Day Symposium and Evening Performances - Solo performance piece 'Gift Wrapped'

January 7th 2014 - Oxford Improvisers New Year Social - Slow Matter Duo and various ensembles

November 10th 2013 - Eyeless Night at the The Hope Brighton - Live LR/GW performance

November 2nd 2013 - Another Us at Grove House Rotunda Oxford - Live Performance(s) Improvisation

September 27-28th 2013 - Silencing the Silence at Ovada Oxford - 2 day group exhibition - Film, Photography, live performance and more - CARU (Contemporary Arts Research Unit)

September 14th 2013 - Slow Matter Duo debut Performance at the Old Fire Station (Playground all dayer)

August 30th 2013 - Tertium Quid Promotions with Blue on Blue, After the Thought and Kid Kin - LR/GW solo performance with guitar and electronics

June 28th 2013 - OCM Open 2013 at the Pegasus Theatre Oxford
LR/GW solo performance with guitar and electronics

April 30th 2013 - 'Kymmata' at the o3 Gallery in Oxford
Two installations including 'guitar (drag) - audio version' and 'guitar (solo) - acoustic version'

March 9th 2013 - 'Rock Paper Scissors' night in Oxford at the Cellar
Solo performance with guitar and electronics

December 13th 2012 - Playground at the Old Fire Station Oxford
Solo performance playing the tritona (hand crafted instrument)

September 2012 - IAM 2012 / MA SHOW / 17-23 September at the Richard Hamilton Building, Oxford Brookes
Two Installations 'inside the glimmer' and 'guitar (drag) – film’ and an evening of performances at Bartlemas Chapel, Oxford playing the tritona

Feb/Mar 2012 - Audiograft Festival 2012 Richard Hamilton Building, Oxford Brookes University
Installation of 'guitar (duo)' and two performances of 'guitar (drag)'

December 2nd 2011 - Cohesion Festival, Oxford Improvisers Orchestra at the Jacqueline du Pré Music Building and The Pegasus Theatre in Oxford
Large ensemble performance and sound recording

September 10th 2011 - Blessing Force 4 at the Modern Art Oxford
Installation of 'untitled' sound and light sculpture and a live solo performance with guitar and electronics

July 31st 2011 - Soundfjord in London
Screening of digital animation: Euhedral 'The Fire Walker' in collaboration with Colin Lawson

April 15th 2011 - ‘Black White Score’ at the Arts Complex in Edinburgh 16-30 April 2011
Exhibition with Colin Lawson and John Brown, Including two live solo performances with guitar and electronics at the private view opening

April 22nd 2010 - Moves: 10 - Movement on Screen Festival, Liverpool
Screening of digital animation: Euhedral 'Drowning Static' in collaboration with Colin Lawson

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