Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Back from La Merica

So it has been a while since I last updated things here. I have been away traveling America (La Merica) a pretty amazing trip, at times hard work but I experienced so much in a fairly short period of time. A couple of things happened whilst I was away. Photo by Lee Riley

Firstly, I have a track that has been featured on a special Compilation raising money for some good causes Helen and Douglas House ( and The Oxford Foodbank (
The Compilation is a selection of Oxfords electronic music scene called 'We Do Not Have A Dinosaur Volume 2' my track is a revised version of a track made last year called 'The Sun Sets High(er)' remixed by BNF (Broken No Fix) I have re-approached my own tracks before but I am very pleased with this and very happy it made it onto the Compilation. Stream the tracks below, but do download and donate for the good causes, thanks and enjoy.

Secondly, UNMAN my new project with Mike Bannard and Chris Pethers mentioned in a previous post. Released some new noise for you. We enjoyed making these recordings on Valentines Day so share some love with us below and we hope to gig again soon and record more beautiful noise again soon too.

I also hope to record soon too but in the mean time here is a field recording made whilst on my travels. And I will be playing with Mike and Chris's other band Masiro next month.