Wednesday, 9 November 2011

CNCPTN e-zine feature

I recently installed my Sound & Light Sculpture at Modern Art Oxford as part of Blessing Force 4. A couple of weeks after the event I was contacted to be featured in CNCPTN - New Sound by Concept and Design.

CNCPTN is a new bi-monthly e-zine focusing on the concepts and designs behind the work by selected young composers and artists.

Each issue will profile the concepts and designs behind this type of composition and artwork, providing a platform for composers and artists to display more than just the audio they create, no matter how detailed or abstracted the original stimulus may be.

It features 10 works by 10 young composers and artists; where each piece has been conceived not only with the final sonic result in mind, but also to express or represent some pre-conceived concept or design.

The e-zine is FREE and you can get it here - Download

Also look at the other artists they feature, some great work.

Thanks Simon