Sunday, 3 February 2013

Egyptian Death Orchestra

This is my first post in a long while, anyway finally started work on a long awaited project.

Here I introduce the Egyptian Death Orchestra.

Egyptian Death Orchestra - Are collective of musicians taking an orchestral approach to the Doom, Drone, Noise Rock & Experimental genres it's members practice & preach.

With admiration of the styles of music mentioned above, the intention of this Orchestra is bring together musicians that want to try something different and who are like minded with experience of these styles. I want to explore and develop my own language of conduction techniques that I will use to instruct the players involved.

We had our first session on 26/01/13. Below are some clips of the results so far.

Thanks to Jimmy, Pete, Thom, Chris & Tim for helping bring this project to life. I look forward taking this project further over coming months.

You can find out more HERE