Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Kymmata 30th April - o3 Gallery

Picture by: Daria Wandzik

Exhibition: Tuesday 30th April, 11am-6pm
Evening Audio Performance: Tuesday 30th April, 6pm-7pm
O3 Gallery, Oxford Castle Quarter, Free entry
Visit HERE For more info

Taking its name from the Greek word for waves, Kymmata is a one day exhibition of sound pieces by four diverse contemporary practitioners, both established and up-and-coming. Curated by Lex Blintzios, a recent graduate of Oxford Brookes University’s MA in Contemporary Arts & Music, the project’s impetus is to provide the viewer with a spectrum of sound experience that ranges from the recogniseable to the abstracted. As such, Kymmata will present a stimulating, vibrant and immersive collage of artworks that outline different facets of an audiovisual context, while also connecting to and encompassing the fields of sonic art and composition.

I will be installing two pieces of work on the day. The first is an audio version of my 'guitar (drag)' performance piece created on my MA. The second is a new installation - an adaptation of my 'guitar (duo)' also created whilst on my MA, this time a solo acoustic version. Both will be featured in the o3 Gallery space, so come visit if you have a free day, or on your lunch break or even early evening after work.

Still from 'guitar (drag)' film

Recording of 'guitar (solo) - acoustic version'