Monday, 8 June 2015

Seeing Sound from Inside-Out (FaB 2015)

After being involved in Fringe Arts Bath (FaB) last year, I was back this year curating the 'Seeing Sound from Inside-Out' exhibition. This was held in the basement of FaB2 on New Bond Street Place. Artists I choose to exhibit included Alun Ward, Eftymios Chatzigiannis, John Grieve, Laura Aish, Portia Graves, Robert Percy, Stuart Fowkes and I collaborated with Colin Lawson and Chante Inglis on a new piece. The collection of work included continuous drone installations, recorded and processed sounds, interactive objects, distorted visual projections and improvised responses to abstracted paintings. It was a pleasure to bring these works together in a fantastic space. It was also great to be involved at FaB again. The great people who organize the festival, thanks Arran, Scarlett and everyone else who helped out, the other curators and many artists who made it a special couple of weeks. This is a small selection of photos from our basement of works installed.
(See Below for Links and More Info)

‘Sea Hear’ Alun Ward - HERE

‘Observing Density through Standing Waves’ Eftymios Chatzigiannis - HERE

‘Pianophone’ John Grieve - HERE

‘Optical Illusion’ Laura Aish - HERE

‘Sonar Reflections’ Portia Graves - HERE

‘Renovate’ Robert Percy - HERE

‘Cities and Memory: Quiet Street’ Stuart Fowkes - HERE

‘The Shadow is What You Hear’ Colin Lawson, Lee Riley & Chante Inglis - HERE

Seeing Sound from Inside-Out & FaB - HERE / TWITTER / FACEBOOK