Sunday, 22 June 2014

Friday 13th - Grief Fest

On Friday 13th June - Pin Drop presented 'Grief Fest' A night of horror and misfortune. Featuring myself and John Grieve (pictured) photos by Aya - Thank you as always. I was invited by our host band 'Flights of Helios' and wanted to do something different so I asked John Grieve to share the stage with me armed with his baritone sax.

We played first really enjoyed playing a debut duo with John and hope to record later in the year. The main support band 'Masiro' are fantastic - Big riffs that mold math metal, instrumental post-rock together in a complex good way, mixing some bands I really enjoy together: Pelican, Isis, The Melvins and Dillinger Escape plan. A big sound for a trio, well worth checking out.

'Flights of Helios' close the night, but something is brewing outside... there set was great, they class themselves as Grief Wave but I think there is more to that, drone looped vocals and samples over pretty good pop songs with a psychedelic twist, Lots of layers. I have actually done a 'Broken No Fix - Remix' for them, that should be out soon. When they have got back from playing Glastonbury this year.

It wouldn't be Friday 13th without horror based visuals that added to the night, some pretty messed up ones too. Meanwhile outside was the biggest storm brewing I have experienced in a long time. It ended an epic memorable evening.