Sunday, 24 August 2014

First post for a couple of months...

A couple of recent collaborations I have worked on, firstly...

I have worked with Nimmi Naidoo on a film she created for her 'Hurst Castle' residency earlier in the year. I collaborated on the soundtrack for the film.

Hurst Castle from Nimmi Naidoo on Vimeo.

Secondly, I made a written response to Charlotte Heffernan's - 'Soundtracking: Oxford' A Sound Walk piece she devised for Audiograft 2014. Both mine and her written pieces are published in the second edition of Vibrations A Journal for creative writing, curative a produced by Veronica Cordova.

I have also been working on remix's for 'False Friends' and 'Flights of Helios' You can hear my 'Bluebird' remix below. I have also been recording sessions with Saxophonist John Grieve, news about this soon.