Saturday, 24 January 2015

January & onwards...

First post of 2015 and the is shaping up. Over the next few months I have a few things happening.

Currently at Salisbury Arts Centre I am one of 7 artists showing work at 'The Space Between' exhibition curated by Fay Stevens "...a thought that encourages an inquisitive approach to how we look at and engage with objects, space, text and the world around us. The space between words/language on the page or screen or surface, the space between our bodies and the materiality of life, spaces between, over or under other spaces and sound spaces, for example" I have an audio recording of my "Piece for bowed metal container and 16 pints of water" installed and I will be performing it on the 21st Feb at the Performance and Symposium day. The exhibition runs from 15th Jan to 22nd Feb. Visit here for More Info

Then from the 28th Jan - 1st Feb, I will be installing my 'un' photographic score at the 'Kymmata - The gods for playmates' exhibition curated by Lex Blintzios "KYMMATA: The gods for playmates formulates an opening for contemporary artists of sound, dance, musical/spoken word and activistic persuasions to collectively channel the processes and relationships they have with their muses. O3 Gallery will function as a hub and platform for this excursion into the oeuvre of creative dialoguing that will be showcased in a five day performance and installation based exhibition" As well as installing 'un' I will be doing a new collaboration with dancer Macarena Ortuzar called 'Aliunde' on the closing day and weekend of performances. Visit here for More Info

I am also doing some curating myself for an exhibition called 'Seeing Sound from Inside-Out' the exhibition is part FaB2015 (Fringe Arts Bath) A festival that runs from 22nd May - 7th June. The call out deadline is 14th Feb.

You are invited to delve deeper into why Sound is the driving force of your work. Within the creative fields we practice, Sound can create auditory experiences with a strong visual presence altering our perception of seeing and hearing. This exhibition asks one question: ‘Can we see beyond Sound?’

I will be posting more about this over coming months, but you can find out more Here and follow on twitter Here