Thursday, 5 February 2015

Kymmata: The gods for playmates

Last week I was part of the 5 day installation and performance exhibition 'Kymmata: The gods for playmates' curated by Lex Blintzios at the O3 Gallery, in Oxford. Over the 5 days I had my photographic score 'un' installed. During the last 2 days a series of performances took place in the space. I had members of the 'Oxford Improvisers' Paul Medley and Martin Hackett on Saturday respond the score with an hour long improvisation. Then on the Sunday dancer Flavia Coube did a silent dance response.

'un' is a photographic installation and an open graphic score. It focuses on the un-noticed shadows of our everyday life and un-heard sounds through improvisation and movement.

I also worked with Macarena Ortuzar on a new piece called 'Aliunde' a collaboration of improvised sound and dance.

Lee Churchill - took the photo from above the performance space of myself and Macarena. Other photos taken by myself of 'un' Installed and Flavia

More info about Kymmata HERE